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Choosing athletic flooring materials

Of all the common flooring materials used in a gym, hardwood flooring is one of the most used by professionals. Not only is it affordable, but it can also withstand a lot of use and abuse. Before you make a final decision, however, you need to consider what the area will be used for, because there are many different choices. Do you want it to be a basketball court? An indoor track? A fitness studio or weight room? All of these different areas require different types of athletic floor materials and you need to think about what you want before making the purchase. A professional athletic floor materials company can help you decide what’s best and how much you need. What do you want your gym to be—a youth based gym or something for the pros to play in? These questions have an impact on what athletic flooring materials you choose.

Laminate wood flooring

Laminate wood flooring is the final product of many athletic floor materials. These engineered wood floors offer the best give and the best play for a basketball team.  Using the right athletic flooring materials for your basketball half court (or full court, for that matter) will give it a much longer life. It is more resistible to scratches, moisture, and normal wear and tear, in addition to being easier to clean. It might not be as visually appealing as hardwood flooring, but with regard to a long-term cost, many professionals think you will get more for your money by using laminate wood flooring.

Engineered wood floors

With 3-5 layers of hardwood, engineered wood floors can withstand a lot of pressure which can be helpful when it comes to a basketball half court or full court in a gym. Engineered wood floors also withstand moisture and humidity very well, making it a good choice for a gym.

Hardwood flooring

For any basketball half court or full court, hardwood flooring is a relatively common option. It’s solid and sustainable, looking good for a long time. Hardwood is easy to repair because any imperfections can be sanded down and varnished over. Choosing hardwood flooring for your basketball court guarantees a great look with easy maintenance.

Choosing the right athletic flooring materials for your gym space is something you’ll want to think about carefully. Pick the right company to set up your basketball half court or full court and the decision will be a lot easier—These experts will help you pick out exactly what you need.